Proposition 14: Abortion Services

This is one of those questions where not only do I feel like the question doesn’t contain enough information for the average person to answer, but I also feel like no man can actually give a reasonable, informed answer to this question.

First off, I wish I knew how available abortion services were for the average woman in Canada, but I also know from the news that many women face severe scrutiny when trying to access these kinds of services. Being yelled at or seeing protesters outside a clinic necessarily limits the accessibility of these kinds of services, which has to factor in to these questions for me.

In answering this question, I assume that in general (in cities, for instance), abortion services are generally pretty accessible, but I also expect that there are more remote areas where women who need abortions find it much more difficult than it could be. That in itself is not as easy problem to solve, but that’s what the question is about!

Summary: This question doesn’t have much detail, so it really comes down to how you feel about abortion, but I guess they get to ask the question in a less ‘controversial’ way? They’re not asking if it should be illegal, just if it should be harder, or easier? If I had to guess, I would say that’s why the question is phrased this way.

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