Proposition 15: Supervised Injection Sites

I’m of the opinion that drugs are bad. However, addiction is a thing, and honestly, if somebody is taking drugs, I would rather they have the option to administer them in a safe way, and in an environment where nurses or doctors are available to help, in addition to clean and sterile needles.

I have read a fair bit of research to show that these sites not only help reduce things like the transmission of HIV and Hepatitis, but that they also lead to fewer overdoses, and even reduction in the numbers of drug users (in cases where using drugs is decriminalized, and doctors/nurses on staff can administer or at least suggest addiction therapies). Selling drugs is an entirely different issue, and I reserve the same level of disdain for drug dealers as I do for tobacco companies and pharma companies pushing stronger and stronger synthetic opioids.

Summary: This question is OK in that it’s mostly a yes/no, and in a society where many people still feel drug users should be ‘punished’ for their ‘sins’ and suffer the consequences of drug use, I fall on the side of compassionate support for users and think everybody should be able to work through (or even potentially indulge) their drug habits without having to suffer through other medical issues relating to their injection. This is true even while I also think using painkilling or hallucinogenic drugs for recreational purposes is not a good practice.

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