Proposition 16: Oil and Gas Subsidies

This question is a weird one for me, because it’s phrased like the industry definitely gets subsidies (which…why?!?!), but it doesn’t give any information about how much they receive (and whyyyyyyyy?).

Regardless of how much they receive, it kind of seems like there’s no reason for these companies to get any money from the government, seeing as how they’re already unbelievably profitable, and they’re in the middle of causing the wholesale destruction of our environment extracting fossil fuel from the ground to be burned.

If anything, I would say that these companies should need to pay more given what they’re doing, and that maybe they could apply for tax exemptions/credits if they’re doing research on things like developing biodegradable plastics or fuel systems that burn cleaner (no emissions, less harmful combustion byproducts).

It’s not going to be ‘easy’ to reduce human reliance on the current generation of plastics and combustion engines, but it’s been around a century that we’ve had either of those, and we can certainly get to a point where we’ve moved beyond single-use plastic and gas engines.

Summary: This question is not as bad as some others, but having information about how much oil and gas receive as subsidies (perhaps as a percentage of their profits?) to really put this question in context.

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