Proposition 8: Climate Change

Oh boy this question is a dooooooozy for me. Watching the adults in the room lately completely bungle what’s necessary and good for our planet for the sake of the economy and ‘good’ politics makes me very upset, to say the least. The science on climate change is quite clear at the moment, and building a pipeline is maybe even worse right now than selling weapons to oppressive regimes, in terms of overall harm to the world and everyone on it.

Anybody who answers anything other than ‘much more’ to this question either has their head in the sand on climate change, or is actively disinterested in the consequences of our continued impact on the environment. Whether that is for politics, or their personal wealth, or any other reason, it’s not good enough, and we deserve political parties who are willing to step up and do what’s right for the world, politics be damned.

Summary: I hate this question only because it makes something political that shouldn’t be political. If the Earth becomes scorched, you’re going to suffer the consequences, and it doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor (but it will be far worse for the poor).

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