Category: Vote Compass 2019

  • Proposition 26: Pharmacare

    Again, I feel like this is a provincial thing (OHIP+ does this in Ontario for kids under the age of 18 who aren’t on their parent’s insurance), but I am just all for it. The question here is passable because again it’s an agree or disagree with no prior knowledge required, but even seeing some […]

  • Proposition 25: Gender-Balanced Cabinet

    I’m not too concerned about a direct 50:50 split in the cabinet, but we need 2015 to have been the end of mostly white dudes in decision-making roles in politics in Canada. Sometimes, you might have more women in cabinet, sometimes more men, but the important thing is slowly tearing down the walls which were…

  • Proposition 24: Wealth Tax

    The only people who think that wealthy people should not pay more tax are wealthy people, and people who’ve been duped by wealthy people to believe that all tax is bad. Learning a little about marginal tax rates and seeing the amount of money that rich people have left over *after* paying would convert a…