Proposition 29: Carbon Tax

As a planet, we need concrete ways to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, and research has shown that taxing pollution in this way is a good way to curb emissions. I think this question is still OK because it again gives a solid agree/disagree, but the idea of a ‘carbon tax’, and especially the specific implementation in Canada could easily be cited here to give context.

I think in this case in particular it would really helpful because a lot of people don’t really understand a carbon tax, and descriptions of it by its opponents do not do it justice, or try to give any context for it.

Summary: This question itself is fine, but some sources of additional info on the page would be REALLY helpful.

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Proposition 28: Foreign Policy on Human Rights

Yes. I don’t know how this is controversial, but yes, duh.

Summary: I’m not a politician, but obviously we should take a stand against human rights abusers, even if our counties happen to share a border.

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Proposition 27: Monarchy

Of all the questions you could ask in an election season, this might be the weirdest. None of the mainstream political parties would actually do this, whether or not they actually supported the idea in principle. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the question itself, but asking it amidst all the other ones is a little odd.

At this point, much like in the UK (where it seems anarchy reigns), the monarchy is simple a figurehead who rubber-stamps decisions made by elected officials. While it does add an extra level of bureaucracy, I am in favour of the world being more interconnected politically, rather than less, so unless we’re ditching the Commonwealth for a new World government, I see no rush to do this.

Summary: The question as posed is fine, but I don’t really see the point in asking it.

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