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  • Proposition 23: Violence Against Indigenous Women

    All they are asking for is recognition? Geez what a low bar, and a bad question. This one is a no-brainer. Summary: Next! Previous Proposition 22: Employment Insurance Next Proposition 24: Wealth Tax Table of Contents

  • Proposition 22: Employment Insurance

    This is one of the worse questions of the bunch in that the VAST majority of people probably have no idea what is even required to qualify for Employment Insurance. Even just a list of the simplest stipulations of the program would help voters decide whether they think it should be easier. Since what I…

  • Proposition 21: Single-Use Plastics

    This question is totally fine, as it’s basically an agree/disagree again, with no real ambiguity of the current state. However, the single-use plastics thing is still kind of weird because while of course throwing away plastic is bad for the environment, the blanket language of these kinds of laws means that there’s no real distinction…